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Since 2010 Spell It South Africa, in partnership with the Department of Basic Education, has run Spelling Bees, spelling coaching and Teacher Training interventions in South Africa.

Over 450,000 primary school Learners, Teachers, Parents and Community members have participated in the various components of Spell It’s intervention  ‘Learn-ready’ literacy  International research confirms that Learners need to be able to read and spell at Grade 4 level in order to be assured of successful schooling.

Spell It’s ‘Learn-ready’ literacy programme is designed to: Assist Learners to master a 10,000 Whole Word Recognition Vocabulary Assist Learners to read at 123 words per minute

Spelling Bees

Spell It has run Spelling Bees since 2010 with Grade 4, 5 & 6 Learners.

A partnership developed with Monash South Africa has seen top performers in the Spell It Final being awarded Scholarships, so far 13 Scholarships have been awarded.

Educator Training 

Working with Schools, Districts, Provinces and the National DBE Enrichment Directorate runs ongoing capacity building interventions on all components of its programme.

Interventions are designed to complement ongoing development and capacity building frameworks and to contribute to a world class public schooling system in South Africa.

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