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Reflections on the African Spelling Bee 2016

The African spelling bee was a phenomenal and motivating experience. Meeting people from various countries taught me a lot about different cultures and a lot about the chain of thoughts of people from different regions. But mostly importantly it taught me a lot about myself. Helped me learn how to handle people , practice patience and mostly importantly to appreciate and love people.  we truly have the kindest, most loving, intelligent, ambitious, caring people on the African continent. I believe that Africans are inherently loving and nurturing people and this experience has reminded me of that. Even though our continent has lots of problems, we have people motivated and determined to be the best they can be to make a difference and solve those problems through education and bringing world class opportunities to our african kids ,the future generation. To often we focus on the issues and not enough work is done appreciating those who want to make a difference and have the inherent abilities. So im really grateful to have been apart of the first ever african spelling bee ,it’s truly motivated me to be apart of a generation of service minded individuals and to believe in the growth of our continent by nurturing the potential in the upcoming youth. I’m really excited to see the programme be globalised.

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