The Tanzanian Spelling Bee (TSB) is an annual challenge that brings together children ages 8 to 15 in the primary and secondary schools across Tanzania to compete with each other in speller positive words that will shape their lives and their tomorrow.

The Spelling Bee events start in schools where teachers organize inter-mural/school competitions to choose the school team. The school team then meets with other schools in the district competition and the best two schools represent the district in the regional competition.

The National Championship brings together the best two schools from the regional competition and then to the African Spelling Bee.

The best three spelling teams/schools will be awarded as well as the best speller overall.

Tanzania Spelling Bee is created to enable children to improve their literacy and learn the key social skills that develop a positive attitude towards life. we believe this will not only help them, but also motivate them to complete school and transform them into change agents and incredible leaders. We believe that words change the world and we have an opportunity to use these words to shape our country’s future, a new tomorrow.

We desire to create a new operating system and instil values of Character, Responsibility, Excellence, Empathy and Discipline (CREED).