KNSB is a registered educational organization that aims to encourage students, parents, teachers and the community to participate in the education process.

Our purpose is to help Students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. Our mission is to enrich the learning experience of Students through growth in English vocabulary, public speaking and self-confidence.

The Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship was established in response to a need within the Kenyan Education Institutions for a stimulating, educational programme, outside the regular school curriculum, which would focus specifically on English language basics.

Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship in partnership with the Oxford University Press, the British Council, the Kenya Primary School Head Teachers Association and the Kenya Private Schools Association among others launched the Spelling Bee Championship in Kenya in late 2015.

Kenya National Spelling Bee Championship is part of a broader comprehensive strategy to address the poor performance by learners in languages and numeracy. Over 18,000 pupils from about 200 primary schools participated in the recently concluded Nairobi County Spelling Bee Championships.

The Organization is run by a Board of Directors mainly drawn from the Education Sector.