YOCEL was born out of the desire to increase educational outcomes for all and promote youth involvement in the education and life modeling of their own future.  The organization works to promote, advance and increase participation of young people, the desires and needs of youth and awareness on issues that affect young people in the educational spectrum.

Since its establishment in 2013, YOCEL has been working on youth education and development projects in at least 6 districts across three (3) counties (Montserrado, Grand Gedeh & Lofa) targeting directly at least 30 local youth organizations and indirectly reaching at least 50,000 youth through awareness creation, capacity development, public dialogues, research, consultations and advocacy campaigns.

And In 2015 YOCEL worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Republic of Liberia to organize the Liberian National Spelling Bee Competition and in 2017 was later engaged by the Ministry to take leadership role in organizing the bee nationwide given her vast youth engagement experience and active involvement and contribution to the Liberian Education sector especially promoting literacy amongst youth.

YOCEL emphasizes community mobilization and engagement as means to address the needs of young people and promote change in society, through interventions that create platforms through which young people can stand up and raise their voices in support of quality education and social change—Focusing on Education, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality and Advocacy at all spheres of the society, YOCEL is creating a world of inclusive development planning, participation and empowerment of all young people for the common good of the society.